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The LJ Sonata Arctica Fanclub [entries|friends|calendar]
Winterheart's Guild

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Sonata Arctica 2014 [25 Sep 2014|08:24pm]

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9 years, 34 shows. I have not always enjoyed every one of their songs, but I just can't leave them. They've been too awesome.
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Sonata's back on this side of the planet! [12 Dec 2012|09:52pm]

[ mood | cold ]

There are more on their YouTube channel.

I'm going to Peabody's in Cleveland tomorrow night (gotta go to bed after this entry - 6-hour drive here I come!) and Detroit Friday night! Who else is going to any shows?

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SQUEE! [31 Mar 2012|09:36pm]

[ mood | excited ]


What do you guys think? My friends are all raving about it but I personally think it's too soon to tell. I can't just listen to snippets of songs and know how I feel about them. I think quite a few sound the same, but there are only parts of the songs on there. Tony's voice sounds amazing as always though, and I am super excited.



More to come, I'm sure. Can't wait 'til they put up those US tour dates so I can make sure I request time off at work! *already making preparations*



- thanks to rdyfrde for posting those in kakko_daily




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[25 Apr 2010|01:04pm]

I know we all know that there was another North American tour this year, and it's almost over, so I'm curious to find out how many people went! Which venue did you go to, and how epic was it on a scale of one to ten?

I saw them at the Hollywood House of Blues, and I'd give it a definite ten! I love the way Tony rambles between songs. So epic! (I'd give it an eleven if it weren't for the very tall, very drunk fan right in front of me most of the night...)
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New E.Vil Fan Community [01 Apr 2010|03:01pm]

Hi! So last night during my neighborhood's blackout I decided to create a Fan Community for Elias Viljanen. I'm hoping that I can post something every day which would be centered around him and if it's really awesome, then the band. So i'm hoping some of you will add the community! If people actually join i'm going to try to get Elias to do a Myspace interview. He always answers my messages on Myspace so I think he's goodhearted so he might do it. It's a little bribe to join I guess you can say haha! I'll gather questions from the fans and i'll send the good ones too him.

The link to the Elias community is: http://community.livejournal.com/e_vil_for_a_day/
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Elias video interview [19 Dec 2009|08:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Not a whole lot of new info, but at least he's talking more than on the one with Marko ;)

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More pics! [07 Dec 2009|06:53pm]

My friend Misery is a concert photographer, and she finally got the pics of Sonata's last gig opening for Dragonforce in LA up on her website. Sorry about the copyright, people like stealing her pics and putting them everywhere without asking her =/


Here they are!!
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Sonata Arctica North American Tour! [11 Nov 2009|09:13am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARCTICA will embark on a North American headlining tour in the spring. Support will come from MUTINY WITHIN and POWERGLOVE.

The dates are as follows:

Apr. 02 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
Apr. 03 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
Apr. 05 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater
Apr. 06 - Quebec City, QC @ Imperial
Apr. 07 - Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
Apr. 09 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Apr. 10 - Detroit, MI @ Blondies
Apr. 11 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Apr. 12 - St Paul, MN @ Station 4
Apr. 13 - Winnipeg, MB @ WECC
Apr. 15 - Calgary, AB @ Warehouse
Apr. 16 - Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room
Apr. 18 - Vancouver, BC @ Venue
Apr. 19 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
Apr. 20 - Portland, OR @ Peters Room
Apr. 22 - San Francisco, CA @ Slims
Apr. 23 - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Theatre
Apr. 24 - West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
Apr. 25 - Mesa , AZ @ U.B.'s
Apr. 27 - Austin, TX @ Emo's
Apr. 28 - Houston, TX @ Meridian
Apr. 30 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
May 01 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
May 02 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

Tickets go on sale today (Wednesday, November 11) exclusively through EnterTheVault.com until December 3, at which point they will be made available through all normal ticketing systems.

Sweet, I'll be at the Seattle show hugging Elias' legs. You just think I'm kidding. The El Corazon is tiny ;)

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[31 Oct 2009|12:57pm]

I had to share this! I just saw it today so sorry if any of you have seen it already. There was a blackout and Tony decided to continue on without the rest of the band. The keytar solo was hilarious! This was great, good job Tony haha!
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[12 Oct 2009|06:21pm]

I saw Sonata at the TLA in Philadelphia last night (opening for Dragonforce with opener Taking Dawn, which is a band that thinks they are way more hardcore than they actually are). Setlist and pictures under the cut! Features include Henkka being an overall nice guy to Elias and more pictures of Marko than ever existed.

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New member! [28 Sep 2009|04:05pm]

My friend keeps telling me about this community and I finally got off my butt and searched for it ^^
I just recently saw Sonata live in vancouver! it was awesome, as if it could be anything else!
I cant wait till they do a full tour for Days of Grays.
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New Pics [12 Sep 2009|08:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I found some new individual pictures on this website:


I've never seen them before so I thought I should share them with you :)

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Caption Contest [09 Sep 2009|12:40pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Via their mobile phone website. Give a caption to the picture posted ;)


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Flag in the Ground video [27 Aug 2009|07:42pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Here's the new video :D

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New Album Samples [26 Aug 2009|02:26pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Here are some samples from the new album...


The temptation to resist listening to them was too great. At the moment, I'm kind of partial to "The Truth is Out There". Though the samples are only 20 seconds long, so don't expect to gain that much in the way of what the album will sound like overall.

You can listen to the full songs on this website. The quality is less than stellar and you need to press the play button every 30 seconds.


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Sonata Arctica live [23 Aug 2009|11:10am]

[ mood | giddy ]

The whole show at the Lowlands Festival yesterday in The Netherlands:


It's awesome quality and they play two new songs: The Last Amazing Grays and Flag in the Ground. Oh and they use "Everything Fades To Gray" as the opener and the closer :)

Watch out for ensuing goofiness in "Replica" and "Fullmoon" ;)

There's video to it now as well:


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Single Samples [17 Aug 2009|09:22am]

[ mood | amused ]

Here's a link to 1 minute samples from the The Last Amazing Grays single:


The player will stop after 30 seconds but you just have to click the play button again :)

There's also the full version of "Flag on the Ground" on YouTube but the quality is less than stellar:


The YouTube video has been taken down by Nuclear Blast :(

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Promo Pics! [06 Aug 2009|05:12pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Just uploaded to their Myspace:


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Making of the Video! [03 Aug 2009|02:07pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Here's the making of the video for "Flag in the Ground". Don't click on it if you don't want to hear the song as it's playing through the whole thing :)

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Artwork Contest/Lyrics [23 Jul 2009|10:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

Finnish melodic metal heroes SONATA ARCTICA have launched a fan contest where people can design the cover artwork of the upcoming promotional single to the song "Flag In The Ground".

Commented mainman Tony Kakko:

People, attention! Now here's your big chance to make an impact to the whole music industry! Or at least all Sonata fans! Create a cover for our promotional single and have your artwork printed on a cardboard for promotional use like radios, clubs etc.

The Song is called "Flag In The Ground", which also going to be our video song. It's an uplifting story about a young couple fighting their way to freedom and their own land in North-America back in early 1800's.

Join the race, have fun, create us a cover art work and win! Do it today!

Good luck!

Best regards,
~Tony - Sonata Arctica

The artwork chosen as the best from all participants will be the new cover of the promotional single of "Flag In The Ground". The winner will also get tickets to a Sonata Arctica show at one of the upcoming tourdates as well as to meet the band! 2nd and 3rd winners will get exclusively signed Sonata Arctica stuff!

The artwork can be sent to: SonataArctica@nuclearblast.de

Format: JPG
Res: 300 dpi
Colours: RGB
Size: 20 x 20 cm

They've also posted the lyrics to the song for inspiration purposes. I'll put them under the cut for those who don't want to be spoiled. Collapse )

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